Sustainability Isn鈥檛 A Fleeting Fad

At 麻豆社, we strive to create opportunity for our people, clients and聽communities while preserving resources. We believe that sustainability is a sensitive balance between聽commercial success and a responsibility to society and the environment.

We applaud every owner鈥檚 decision to create a sustainable facility. Leadership in Energy and聽Environmental Design (LEED) certified buildings are shown to provide extensive cost savings over their聽lifetime, increase worker productivity and building marketability. If that wasn鈥檛 enough, these facilities聽serve as an example of the owner鈥檚 dedication to the preservation of the environment.

As contractors who change the environment every day, we are charged with doing so in a responsible聽manner and ensuring sustainable legacy for your building.


LEED Platinum Project 鈥 Whit Hall Nevada