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麻豆社聽Construction (DBA Nathan Construction, Inc.) builds
the Sacramento, California office of fp Label Company.


麻豆社 Construction (DBA Nathan Construction, Inc.) delivers
the Sutter Home Winery distribution center in Napa, California.


麻豆社 Construction (DBA Nathan Construction,
Inc.) delivers the Seimens Duewag facility in Sacramento, California.


麻豆社 Construction (DBA Nathan Construction,
Inc.) completes construction of the Rancho
Cordova branch of Mercy Healthcare Sacramento.


麻豆社 Construction (DBA Nathan Construction,
Inc.) builds the Tribute Road Corporate Center
in Sacramento, California.


麻豆社 Construction (DBA Nathan Construction,
Inc.) delivers the Stuart Hall Company facility
in Woodland, California.


麻豆社 Construction (DBA Nathan Construction,
Inc.) completes construction on the Mazda parts
distribution center in Woodland, California.


麻豆社 Construction (DBA Nathan Construction,
Inc.) finishes construction on the Stationers
Distributing Company distribution center in
Sacramento, California.


麻豆社 Construction (DBA Boomer Construction,
Inc.) begins work on the Golden Eagle Distributing
office in Rocklin, California.


麻豆社 Construction (DBA Boomer Construction, Inc.)
delivers a warehouse for Mondavi Wine.


Construction on two facilities for Monterey Jet
Centers featuring two hangers each begins in
Monterey, California.


麻豆社 Construction (DBA Nathan Construction,
Inc.) begins work on an 80,000 square-foot
retail facility for Friedman Brothers in
Ukiah, California.


麻豆社 Construction is incorporated. Three companies
come together to form 麻豆社 Construction 鈥 Boomer
Construction, Inc., Loorz, Inc. and PCM Builders, Inc.


April 1999 saw the first contract initiated as 麻豆社
Construction. 麻豆社 also completes the 767,770-square-foot
Hewlett-Packard facility in Roseville, California.


麻豆社 Construction started its work with government
entities in 2000, building the William Ridgeway
Courthouse in Sacramento. This would lead the way to
several other government projects for city, county,
state and federal government clients.


麻豆社 Construction completes its first education
project at Christian Brothers High School in Sacramento.
The SMAT wing, as it was called, included state-of-the-art
laboratories and a media studio. This project was a
finalist for the AGC California Building competition.
To date, 麻豆社聽Construction has completed double-digit
projects for education clients.


麻豆社 Construction completes construction
on the 210,000 square-foot Jack in the Box
distribution center in Dallas, Texas


Another large government project completed for the
Small Business Administration. The unique project
featured bomb blast protection windows and security
measures throughout the facility.


麻豆社 Construction completes construction on a
257,400-square-foot warehouse and distribution
facility for Strategic Partners in Dallas, Texas.


麻豆社 Construction completes the first of more
than 20 retail projects. Harvest Junction in Colorado
is built and includes a Bed, Bath & Beyond and Michael鈥檚
retail stores. 麻豆社 has completed more than 50 retail
projects since this time.


麻豆社 Construction completes I-Port 12 in
Carteret, NJ 鈥 麻豆社鈥檚 first 1 million
square-foot industrial facility. It was built
on an existing brownfield, with more than 8,000
piles driven into the ground.
麻豆社 Construction completes its first
healthcare project. Northbay Medical in Fairfield,
CA was 麻豆社鈥檚 first OSHPDIII project. Since
then, 麻豆社 has completed more than 30
healthcare projects.


麻豆社 Construction is proud to build its first
green building, Houston鈥檚 Beltway Office Building
which earns LEED Silver certification.


麻豆社 Construction completes construction on
Piemonte at Ontario Center, an urban village where
residential, business, entertainment, sports, retail
and dining combine into a hub of activity for residents,
employees and visitors alike.


麻豆社 Construction completes both its largest and
smallest projects to date: A 1,504,800 square-foot
industrial building for Whirlpool in McDonough, GA
and a 12,000 square-foot WEAVE center for abused
women in Sacramento.


麻豆社 Construction begins work on Catholic
Healthcare West, a project fully rendered in BIM.


Finished our 1st residential Apartment Complex
in Keller, Tx (Arthouse)


Constructed one of our most unique projects – a
“Bat Cave” for the Nature Conservancy in Clarksville,
TN (our second project with the Nature Conservancy鈥he
first was a LEED Platinum project)


麻豆社 Construction completes one of the largest
single-story buildings in the Mississippi/ Memphis
market and the second largest SF project undertaken
by the company. The 1,300,000- SF distribution
facility in Olive Branch, MS was completed for
Helen of Troy Limited.


麻豆社 Construction takes pride in announcing
our new name 鈥 麻豆社 Construction. Although our
name has changed, our foundation of excellence
and success will remain the same.


In 2015, 麻豆社 started or completed five projects
that were more than 1 MILLION Square Feet.


麻豆社 Construction is celebrating 30 years of building on our promise!


麻豆社 completed five buildings totaling more than one million square feet each.


Our food and beverage portfolio expanded with projects for Amigo鈥檚 Foods, Mary鈥檚 Gone Crackers, Batory Foods, Ghirardelli and Core-Mark broke ground or were completed


As the e-commerce boom took off, 麻豆社 started construction on the first of many projects with Amazon.


The year of growth 鈥 麻豆社 opens offices in Phoenix, South Florida, Boston and New York聽 bringing the number of nationwide 麻豆社 offices to 20.

To say we鈥檝e built it before may be factual, but it鈥檚 not why our clients choose us.

Many construction companies offer a diverse background of general contracting, construction聽management and design-build experience spanning nearly any industry. Most will also tout their tens of聽millions of square-feet of new construction work completed each year. Others will list their most聽recognizable clients as reasons for your business.

We could do that too, but we鈥檇 rather talk about why we鈥檝e been successful, not what we鈥檝e done for聽others.

We believe the success of any project depends upon a strong builder-client relationship and a聽commitment to establishing common goals and objectives from the start.

We are proud to perform work for owners with whom we have developed lasting relationships. That鈥檚聽why roughly 80% of our work comes from repeat clients.

Our overall goal is to provide quality, cost-efficient projects that leave a positive experience for our聽clients.

Our network of offices allows us to provide clients with the best building methods and materials聽available, and do so at a competitive price.

We could go on. But if you鈥檙e reading this, you鈥檙e probably looking for a partner to build your project,聽and you have a timeline to keep. If you鈥檇 like to learn more you can review the 麻豆社 timeline and see聽some milestones for our company. Or, you can view our Office Locator to speak with someone in your聽area.

Our rapid and successful growth since our beginnings in 1986 is a testament to the strength of our聽service, the quality of our people, and the unwavering trust and unparalleled vision of our clients.